Our Packaging Commitment – Wolf & Compass

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Our Packaging Commitment

Wolf & Compass is committed to reducing the environmental impact associated with our small business. Our packaging is eco-friendly and recycling friendly. We use recycled tissue paper and recycled or compostable envelopes, wraps or small boxes to protect your goodies whilst in transit. 

We do not produce paper receipts, these are all electronic.

We are passionate about following the waste hierarchy below:


We never use our own plastic packaging. Where garments are shipped to us in plastic, this will be sent on to the customer. However, we are working with eco-conscious brands who are committed to reducing their plastic usage so we hope that alternative packaging options will soon be available.  


We re-use packing where possible and encourage our customers to do the same. Why not save our packaging to re-use as Christmas or birthday present wrapping paper?

RECYCLE (and compost)

We use recycled envelopes and recycled paper for our packaging material. If any packaging cannot be reused, it is recycled in line with our local council recycling policy. 

We occasionally send out our products using compostable bags. If you receive one, please do either re-use it or add it to you at home compost bin.