Why we love organic! – Wolf & Compass

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Why we love organic!

We love Organic...and we hope that you will too!

When Wolf & Compass was conceived, we wanted to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible. We want the best for our planet and for you, our customers, that’s why our cotton has to be organic. After all, it’s better for everyone from the farmers who grow it to the little cubs who are super comfortable wearing it.
Great for the planet......and for growers
Organic cotton growers do not use chemicals commonly used in textile processing, and don't allow any pollutants which can destroy our eco-systems. . Organic cotton is also grown with less water and less energy consumption...yay! Natural fertilisers and manure are used and sensible crop rotation keeps nutrients in the soil. Farmers are often organised in co-operatives so they can support each other.
All of this means happier farmers and factory workers, and a happier planet
Great for your little cub......
We believe organic cotton is the best choice for babies and kids clothing. The organic clothing that we stock is unbelievably soft and snuggly. No nasty chemicals have been used during the whole manufacturing process so it’s much kinder to delicate skin, especially for those who suffer with eczema like our third little cub. A more 'gentle' manufacturing process means that organic cotton fibres do not get broken, so are incredibly long lasting (say NO to throwaway fashion and YES to handing down or selling on).
          WE LOVE ORGANIC!